20140927 152322As a MOE registered Education Centre, we pledge to provide quality and professional tutoring at the most affordable rates for all our students.

Our Teachers

At Ritz School of Learners and Student Care Centre, our tutors are highly qualified and possess many years of teaching experiences. Well-versed with the current syllabus, they are committed to impart their knowledge and skills to students.

Such dedication of the tutors helps to place the students in good stead for examinations as well as future studies. In addition, the tutors foster good communication with the students to enhance their personal attitude and attribute as well. This creates an interactive culture in the centre that encourages student participation and makes learning an enriching experience.

Our Centres provide the following types of Tuition:

Group Tuition: Up to 15 students per group for Pri and Sec Levels.
Individual Tuition: Customised tuition programme to meet the needs of each student.

Primary 1 Preparatory Class

The objective of this course is to provide your child a solid foundation and a good head start for his/her first year of school.

Primary Level

  • English (Pri 1-6)
  • Chinese (Pri 1-6)
  • Mathematics (Pri 1-6)
  • Science (Pri 3-6)

1111Secondary Level

  • English Language
  • Chinese Language
  • A/E Maths 
  • Combined Science 
  • Pure Physics
  • Pure Chemistry
  • Pure Biology
  • Principles of Accounts

JC Level Tuition

  • General Paper
  • Chinese Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Principles of Accounting

Chinese Tuition Picture  English Tuition Picture  Math Tuition Picture